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The Wellbeing Driven Economy

A new economic system, based on technology in true service of humans and nature

A proposal for a system to
"make, and keep, humans happy
while taking care of the environment
(that is: assisting people to enjoy a life with wellbeing,
while respecting the environment)

People are dying, and getting sick, because of bad living practices harming our wellbeing.

Let us propose, and explore, a new economic system, to directly improve society wellbeing.

We could combine: life sciences, engineering, and economics,

to propose a new way to organize (coordinate) society, and improve its aggregated wellbeing.

We leverage human centered Artificial Intelligence.

This ideas could disrupt, not the industry, but the economy!

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I came to this idea out of my own suffering.

I sincerely hope we all manage

to live better lives,

now and in the future


Achieve a positive impact on the humankind, by contributing to enable a society in which hopefully everyone enjoys a life with wellbeing and life satisfaction


We want to build an ecosystem around this idea, to see it mature and grow. That's why your contributions, and support, are so important.

Let us write in advance:


A statement

A sentence by Gandhi
(in a fridge magnet)

It's not about not working nor studying.

Working and study, in the right amount,
also make us happy.

It's about finding the right balance
in our lives!

A very general version
for the proposed system


A proposal for a system to
"make, and keep, humans happy

Summary notes:

1. Summarizing, The Wellbeing Driven Economy proposes a vision, and gives the first insights, for some systems to "make, and keep, us happy".

2. We acknowledge that the proposed systems are very complex, but we also think that they are very important, given that they deal with the problem we have been facing during our whole human history: how to best improve our wellbeing?

3. If this initiative is successful, it will lead us to enjoy our free time, and our life in overall, way much better!

4. The proposed systems could coordinate and unify humankind even more! Peaceful and happy times will hopefully come and endure!

5. The proposed systems are examples of “human centered” artificial intelligence.

6. Note that the systems input is given by the users’ state, that is, the users are the ones who influence how to live. The systems are just tools to efficiently coordinate ourselves.

7. The proposed systems offer an alternative to handle the jobs lost due to e.g. the automation trends.

8. Instead of the promise to have progress to eventually reach happiness (Progress ⇒ Happiness?), we are proposing here to change the approach, and achieve happiness and wellbeing in order to maximize progress (Happiness and wellbeing ⇒ Progress (maximization?)).

9. If we manage to successfully carry out this initiative, we will not disrupt the industry, but the economy.

10. So far we do not claim that this is the way to go, just that this is a way totally worth exploring!

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Books, books, books!

Book 1

The Wellbeing Driven Economy
A new economic system, based on technology

Book for the general public


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Book 2

The Wellbeing Driven Economy
A new economic system, based on technology

Book for the scientific community

Looking for a publishing house, but hopefully coming soon!

The team so far...
(would you like to:

book a talk?,
publish our books?,
make a voluntary contribution?,
share an idea?,
propose a project?,
partner with us?,
other?, ...
Drop us a line at *: admin[at]

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Society, technology, science,

and business enthusiast.

Principal investigator

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Associate Professor of Information Systems

and Quantitative Analysis

University of Nebraska at Omaha


More than a new economic system, The Wellbeing Driven Economy is about exploring alternatives to improve our wellbeing

Advisory Board

We are engaged to improve society wellbeing,
but we need your support:

for example, buying and reading our books.
Thank you very much!

Ode to Joy,
Ludwig van Beethoven,
Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Ode_to_Joy.oggLudwig van Beethoven, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
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With your voluntary support we want to explore alternatives to improve the human, and the ecological, wellbeing

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